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AL-DIAGNOS · Impact Assessment, Evaluation and Country Diagnosis · 2005

oiko foto aldiagnosCountries evaluated: Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Hungary, Romania and Cyprus.

AL DIAGNOS, an EU Project led by ACE international consultants which analysed policy framework and development programmes conducive to economic growth enabling development and trade between Latin America and Europe. AL-DIAGNOS is a project conceived within phase III of AL-INVEST, the Program of the European Union promoting economic and commercial cooperation between European and Latin American small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), by giving support in specific agreements of cooperation between companies.


a) Facilitate and accompany the integration of Latin American economies in the world-wide economy.

b) Ensure a favourable business framework for SME through:

  • Availability of information regarding the trade and macroeconomic conditions to promote foreign investment in Latin America:  stakeholders (Eurocentres, SME, intermediate institutions of the private sector, chambers of commerce), identify trade and investments, regulatory environment for businesses, conditions of investment, commercial regulations issues to conduct studies and assessments and diagnosis with the close collaboration of representatives of governments and civil society.
  • Creating appropriate incentives for SME development, promotion, dialog and participation in Al-invest sectorial meetings and other programme initiatives.
  • Identifying new areas of action to promote economic cooperation.

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