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EGYPT · The Trade Enhancement Programme (TEP-A) · 2007

oiko foto egypttepaThe Trade Enhancement Programme is an EU project assisting the Ministry of Trade to provide support and facilities to exporters, foreign trade and foreign businessmen wishing to invest in Egypt.

The objective of the TEP-A was to contribute to Egypt's macroeconomic stability and help bring out the conditions needed for the achievement of sustained economic development in the context of the increasing globalisation of all economic activities.

OIKO LOGICA, in partnership with ACE international consultants, carried out in 2008 a thorough analysis of the bilateral agricultural trade between Egypt and the EU countries.

The analysis identified the most important sub-sectors for the Egyptian economy and highlighted the challenges and issues faced by these sub-sectors. OIKO LOGICA provided training and capacity building to the government officials in the Ministry of Trade and assisted the unit in conducting competitors' analysis on Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan.
In addition, OIKO LOGICA assessed the impact of the EU aid regime to agriculture on the competitiveness of the Egyptian agro-food chain; specified the list of sensitive products to be submitted to the negotiation rounds, and advised the government in monitoring the tariff dismantling schedules and proposed cooperation forums in the field of sanitary and phytosanitary standards.

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