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GUATEMALA · Strategic Plan to the Design Results Based Budget Management in the Ministry of Health · 2010

oiko foto guatemalahealthOIKO LOGICA provided advice to the Ministry of Health in Guatemala to design and implement a results-based management (RBM) System to programme/project life-cycle approach for management to integrate national policy and strategy, people, resources, processes and measurements to improve decision-making, transparency, and accountability. The approach focused on achieving outcomes, implementing performance measurement, learning and adapting, as well as reporting performance.

Planning and budget seeking to improve the relationship between planning and budgeting.

Medium-term Fiscal Revenues framework ensuring the allocation of resources for economic development and social cohesion, within a framework of sustainability of public finances.

Management by results seek to stablish accountability for the results of government policies to programmatic and institutional levels (performance measurement and evaluation of results).

The General Objective of the project was:

  • Strengthening capacities to improve the transparency and credibility of public administration through greater coherence and efficiency in the management of public spending.
  • The target was to improve efficiency of public spending and increase the impact of public service delivery through the alignment of planning and implementation and budgetary allocations with results.
  • Technical assistance to make the adjustments of the organisation and structure of the budget 2010.
  • Supported the development of medium-term sector expenditure framework in the Ministry of Health.


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