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GUYANA · SPSP · Sector Policy Support Programme · Formulation of National Policy for the Sea and River Defence Sector Programme · 2009

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Most of the agricultural activity in Guyana depends on the characteristic landform of the flat coastal physical structure formed by a clay belt located about 1.4m below sea level, protected by an engineered sea defence system. The deterioration of the network of sea and river defences has led in past years to flooding of agricultural and residential land by sea water, which continues to threaten the coastal strip where most of Guyana’s farmland lies. Therefore, any poverty reduction and development efforts in Guyana heavily depend on the maintenance and rehabilitation of the sea defence infrastructure system.

The Overall objective of the assignment, developed in close collaboration with ECORYS, was the “improvement of living conditions in the coastal zone, stimulation of economic growth and reduction of poverty”. For the purpose, we designed a draft policy framework for the sea and river defence sector, defining what and how the government wants to do in the sector, which includes, but not limited to, the following:

  1. A compilation of all dispersed legislative elements and the jurisdiction of the different institutions which are related in any way to sea defence.
  2. An administrative/institutional framework for institutions that should be involved and level of participation of each; responsibilities and obligations regarding the present administrative structure and avoiding overlapping functions within different administrative areas.
  3. A coordinated framework showing the main relevant organisations to the sector and the key contact positions within these organisations for collaboration purposes. The different existing steering committees and their functions can also be identified.
  4. An annexed financial forecast
  5. An annexed comprehensive donor list for the sector
  6. An annex delimitating the legal boundaries of the climate change vulnerable and affected areas by the sea and river defence.


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