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INDONESIA · Strategies to Develop a Regional Centre for Renewable Energies in East Kalimantan · 2013

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General Objective

Support to the Ministry of Research and Technology in order to pursue the overall objective of industrial competitiveness and sustainable economic development in Indonesia.

Specific Objective

The establishment of a centre of excellence in renewable energy in Borneo:

  • To assess the supply and demand of biomass renewable energy in the region, together with socio-economic constraints.
  • To coordinate all research activities concerning renewable energy in East Kalimantan.
  • To facilitate and assist researchers in seeking research funding, developing cooperation, network and the publication of research results both locally and internationally.
  • To narrow the gap between academics/researchers-business-government (ABG) concerning the need of research in renewable energy in order to fulfil the insufficiency of  energy, as well as to develop partnership among them in doing research and utilisation of its results.
  • For East Kalimantan to be a centre of information on renewable energy.
  • To improve the capacity of researchers on renewable energy research through activities of training, workshops, seminars and joint research and publications.
  • Where appropriate, to develop and coordinate any programmes to increase public awareness of energy issues.


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