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LESOTHO · Formulation and Identification Mission to Design a Programme to Support Lesotho Adapt to the Risks of Climate Change · 2012

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Global Climate Change Facility - TA Support mission to Lesotho to identify and formulate a programme for Global Climate Change Alliance Funding by means of consultations with the GoL, the EU Delegation and relevant stakeholders to identify and formulate a climate change adaptation strategy.

  • Critically review the options emerging from the African Adaptation AAP programme.
  • Review the roles of National Disaster Management Authority in risk mitigation, early warning systems and disaster preparedness.
  • Investigate and help prioritise vulnerable areas of intervention in line with the national strategies and the five Global Climate Change Alliance GCCA priority areas:

Adaptation: Building on the National Adaptation Program of Action (NAPAs) and other national plans. In-depth research on the likely effects of climate change and reliable climate observation is essential for all adaptation measures.

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD): Decreasing potential CO2 emissions by creating incentives for forest protection, while preserving livelihoods and ecosystems depending on forests.

Enhancing participation in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM): Building capacities and providing technical support to level the playing field and promote a more equitable geographic distribution of CDM projects.

Promoting Disaster Risk Reduction: Reducing potential disasters linked to extreme weather events, resulting from climate change, assisting the most disaster-prone areas in building their capacities to prepare for, mitigate and prevent natural disasters.

Mainstreaming climate change into poverty reduction development strategies: Strengthening the on-going implementation of the EU Action Plan on Climate Change and Development (focused on mainstreaming).

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