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Appropriate Technology Transfer

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New technology development is essential to enable us to meet climate change objectives, but it is also a major contributor towards the innovation, jobs and growth agenda in developing countries.

OIKO LOGICA has provided technical assistance for the development and adoption of innovative technologies and can help developing countries cope better with the effects of a crisis.
We provide information on existing low-cost, labour-intensive technologies to create non-existent technological innovations, and publish important how-to-do manuals on affordable do-it-yourself work methods.

Following Schumacher's assumptions and credo, we believe in appropriate technology as the set of techniques which make optimum use of available resources in a given environment. For each process and project, it is technology which maximises social welfare if factors and products are shadow priced. OIKO LOGICA provides technical solutions that are appropriate to the economic structure of those involved, regarding their ability to finance the activity, to operate and maintain the facility, by taking into consideration the environmental conditions involved and the management capabilities of the population.


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