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GIS · Mapping Visualization

oiko foto gismappingvisualizationOIKO LOGICA's advisory services include capturing, storing, manipulating, analysing, managing and presenting all types of socio-economic and physical data integrated in layers in geographical maps. OIKO LOGICA uses geographical information, science and geospatial information to merge cartography, statistical analysis and database technology to provide feedback for policy decision-making, and analyses the potential impacts of policies and resources depletion.

OIKO LOGICA makes extensive use of GIS, creating digital data and "manipulating" spatial areas that may be jurisdictional, purposeful, or application-oriented to visually support decision and policy making in several areas such as environment, climate change impact, vulnerability assessments or socio-economic impact evaluations of programmes.

Recent examples of the applications of GIS are the following maps:

Advice: You can click on the map name to view it or you can left click on your mouse and choose the "save as" option to obtain the PDF file. To take full advantage of the PDF format, make sure you are running the latest version possible of your Acrobat PDF Reader. The maps contain layers that can be shown or hidden. Once the map is open, check that the tab for "Layers" is visible.


Lesotho - General - H.I.V. Prevalence

Lesotho - General - Agro-ecological Regions

Lesotho - General - Rainfall Distribution

Lesotho - Northern Districs - Details


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