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Mitigation of Climate Change

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Climate change mitigation refers to the efforts made to reduce or prevent emission of greenhouse gases. Mitigation can mean using new technologies and renewable energies, making older equipment more energy efficient or changing management practices or consumer behaviour. OIKO LOGICA has carried out mitigation plans such as a low-carbon strategy for a new city in Venezuela, or as simple as improvements in cook stove designs in Namibia and Lesotho.
Efforts underway around the world range from high-tech subway systems to cycling paths and walkways. Protecting natural carbon sinks like forests and oceans, or creating new sinks through sylviculture or green agriculture, are also elements of mitigation. OIKO LOGICA takes a multifaceted approach towards climate change mitigation in its efforts to help isolated energy poor communities in remote off-grid areas and countries move towards a low-carbon society.


1. Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD): About 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by deforestation. In least developed countries, 62% of total emissions originate in land-use change, primarily deforestation. OIKO LOGICA provides technical assistance to formulate projects to decrease the CO2 emissions from developing countries by creating incentives for forest protection, while preserving livelihoods and ecosystems depending on the forests.

2. Enhancing participation in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM): The CDM has the potential to bring significant foreign investment to poor countries, given that it costs less for industrialised countries to invest in emission reduction in developing countries than in their own country. At the same time, developing countries receive advanced technologies helping them in their own sustainable development efforts. However, so far the poorest countries have attracted only few CDM investors. OIKO LOGICA provides capacity building and technical support to level the playing field and promote a more equitable geographic distribution of CDM projects.


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