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Project Design and Monitoring

oiko foto projectdesignA key challenge for many development organizations is to improve the quality of project/program design, monitoring and assessment of impact

Decision making is in its very core a cognitive process. For (government) institutions and communities, decision making takes on the extra dimension of socio-economic scope and implications. 

Any decision making process in the project design has several steps (phases) but should always flow from a thorough analysis of the given situation to a good understanding of options and alternatives, and reliable forecasting for appropriate project design. It’s more often than not an exercise in weighing costs and benefits and choosing the optimal outcome.

With our experience in the fields of analysis, policy formulation and evaluation and advice, OIKO LOGICA experts are the right partners to help you with your decision making needs. We have extensive experience with interim management and organizational support assignment

Impact assessment is making strong headway in both the policy cycle and strategic decisions in development . The main aim of ex-ante impact assessment (or ‘impact analysis’) is to map out the expected effects of intended strategies and policies. It’s about getting to grips with your starting ground and calculating what future policy choices may bring. OIKO LOGICA is well known for its expertise in the field of ex-ante impact assessments and brings to the table much experience in this particular area. 


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