oikologica logo "OIKO LOGICA is committed to helping communities and governments in vulnerable countries to prepare, face, integrate, comprehend, assimilate and absorb the challenge of climate change and sustainable development."

Risk, Impact and Vulnerability Assessment

oiko foto riskimpactvulnerabilityOIKO LOGICA specialises in impact assessment and risk and sensitivity analysis. We evaluate the degree to which either a natural or a human system is directly or indirectly affected by both policy reforms and changes in climate conditions (e.g. temperature and precipitation) and develop scenarios to forecast specific climate change impacts (e.g. sea level rise, increased water temperature). We measure system exposure, stress, vulnerability and resilience to provide sustainability scenarios to guide socio-economic policy actions. OIKO LOGICA evaluates adaptive capacity and resilience by analysing the ability of natural and human systems associated with a given planning area to accommodate changes in climate with minimum disruption and additional cost.
OIKO LOGICA has conducted impact and risk evaluations of complex multi-disciplinary social development programmes for major international organisations such as the European Commission impact assessment methodology; the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) DAC criteria and methodology; the "Evaluating the Impact of Development Projects on Poverty WB" Handbook; the UNDP MDG Needs Assessment Methodology; the Handbook on Monitoring and Evaluation for Results; and the UNDP Guidelines for Outcome Evaluators.


  • Impact evaluation-risk assessment on the effects on individual households, livelihoods, communities, institutions and the environment.
  • Evaluation of the absorption capacity, system stress and adaptive capacity to prevent potential impacts.
  • Participatory and empowerment evaluation - foster participation, learning and empowerment among local stakeholder groups to respond to threats and risks through risk management and emergency plans.

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