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OIKO LOGICA has direct expertise in different areas of the agriculture sector. We have provided advice to governments formulating conservation agriculture practices, we lead teams to formulate national agricultural, fishery and forestry strategies, and organised workshops with cooperatives and farmers for supply chain analysis.
Among other relevant assignments in the field of agriculture, OIKO LOGICA has: provided guidance to formulate the "The National Agricultural Development Policy” of the Government of Saint Lucia; worked closely with advocacy groups, trade unions and local sugar cane workers to evaluate the socio-economic impact of the “National Sugar Sector Reforms” in Trinidad and Tobago; and has also facilitated the organisation of conservation agriculture cooperatives in Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela following the supply chain approach.
OIKO LOGICA has hands on experience providing training and counselling to both government officials, local farmers and agricultural cooperatives in developing countries. Our services include the analysis of the relationships between poverty, food security, natural renewable resources, dependence and vulnerability to the potential impacts of climate change.

Agricultural production

  • Sugar production and sugar sector reforms in tropical economies
  • Sugar byproducts and biomass
  • Banana sector reform and diversification in tropical economies
  • Sustainable local fisheries (maritime and fresh water) and aquaculture
  • Land reform and management
  • Rural areas infrastructure development
  • Crop resilience for adaptation, protection and disease control
  • Animal production and health
  • Conservation, storage, processing and packaging
  • Agricultural exports and marketing groups


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2013 · Ex-Post Evaluation of GIZ CEPAL Globalization Program
2010 · TRINIDAD & TOBAGO · Socio-Economic Baseline Report in Sugar Related Areas
2009 · GUYANA · Sector Policy Support Programme for Sea and River Defense
2009 · St. LUCIA · Action Plan for the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry & Fisheries
2009 · LESOTHO · Community and District Profiling Exercise in 3 Districts
2006 · BOLIVIA · Cluster & Consortia Agreement for Local Agriculture Development
2005 · COSTA RICA · Strategy for the Sustainable Development of the Brunca Region

Related Sectors

Environment & Natural Resources
Public Administration & Governance

Related Services

Risk Impact & Vulnerability
Project Design & Monitoring
Appropiate Technology Transfer


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