oikologica logo "OIKO LOGICA is committed to helping communities and governments in vulnerable countries to prepare, face, integrate, comprehend, assimilate and absorb the challenge of climate change and sustainable development."

Environment and Natural Resources

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At OIKO LOGICA, we follow an integrated view towards environmental problems and natural resource management (NRM), placing collective action, proper incentives and trans-boundary scales as the main set of tools to encourage states, communities and corporations to manage natural resources in a sustainable way.
Our services support and strengthen organisations working on global natural resource management, especially resources threatened by the adverse impact of climate change.
OIKO LOGICA has worked to balance the scales of all environmental dimensions: from conducting environmental impact assessments of mining projects in the Imataca Natural Reserve (Venezuela); building capacity in governments for environmental management in sub-Saharan Africa; formulating national sustainable development policies through stakeholder participation workshops (Ecuador); and working with the Royal Government of Bhutan and local stakeholders to formulate a national strategy to adapt to climate change (The Himalayas). 

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2010 · TRINIDAD & TOBAGO · Socio-Economic Baseline Report in Sugar Related Areas
2009 · GUYANA · Sector Policy Support Programme for Sea and River Defense
2005 · COSTA RICA · Strategy for the Sustainable Development of the Brunca Region

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Climate Change

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Risk Impact & Vulnerability
Project Design & Monitoring
Adaption to Climate Change


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