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Food Security

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Decision-makers at country, regional and global levels need reliable and timely information on the incidence and causes of food insecurity, malnutrition and vulnerability for improved policy and programme formulation, in order to target and monitor the progress of interventions aimed at reducing poverty and hunger.
OIKO LOGICA has provided food security technical assistance to the Ministry of Food Security and Malnutrition (SESAN) of the Government of Guatemala. We have worked with the EU, DFID and CIDA to strengthen the understanding of why people are food insecure, malnourished or hungry. In line with the broad definition of food security, OIKO LOGICA supports the analysis of four key areas: availability, access, stability and utilisation of food.
OIKO LOGICA has developed a complete tool box to analyse the causes of food security: trends such as the relationship between climate change and vulnerability, depletion of natural resources from which the population makes its living, environmental degradation or food price inflation; events such as natural disasters and conflict; and seasonality, including seasonal changes in food production and food prices. OIKO LOGICA also has experience integrating internal factors such as the anthropological dimensions of food intake, the social characteristics of people, the ancient traditions and conditions in which they live and the cultural dynamics of the household that restrict their ability to avoid becoming food insecure in the future.


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