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Poverty and Livelihoods

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At OIKO LOGICA we address livelihood development as the crucial unit for analysis and action, and have developed a solid track record in the field of poverty reduction and pro-poor development policies. OIKO LOGICA has contributed to the formulation, implementation and evaluation of national poverty reduction strategies during the last decade in Guyana, Nicaragua, Honduras, Bolivia, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines and Vietnam.
OIKO LOGICA has extensive experience developing, monitoring and evaluating mechanisms to measure poverty, such as statistical data production and poverty reduction programmes. We have developed tools and methodologies following donor project cycles to provide consulting advice in the following fields:

  • Household Budgetary surveys
  • Agricultural and Population Census
  • Survey of Living Conditions
  • Poverty and Social Analysis (PSIA)
  • Millennium Development Goals
  • Poverty Assessment tools
  • Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA)


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2012 · St. VINCENT & GRENADINES · National Poverty Reduction Strategy
2011 · VIETNAM · Support for Sustainable Poverty Reduction
2010 · GUATEMALA · Budget Management in the Ministry of Health
2007 · Micro Finance & Microcredit Social Development Fund
2009 · GUATEMALA · National Programme for Food Security and Malnutrition
2008 · GUYANA · General Budget Support Programme for Poverty Reduction

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