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Public Administration and Governance

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OIKO LOGICA has a strong record advising ministerial cabinets and facilitating policy dialogue with governments in transition. We have directly interacted with government officials to develop policies and identify obstacles for their implementation. OIKO LOGICA has experience in strengthening and reforming institutional capacity and organisational structure for policy implementation.
To this end, OIKO LOGICA specialises in the development of a range of proprietary techniques and tools to allow governments to analyse their current policy framework, examine the underlying incentive structures, identify bottlenecks and constraints, and propose changes to policies, regulations, organisations and other institutional arrangements and mechanisms.
We work on state, regional and local public administration reforms and our activities focus on the following areas:

  • Institutional building, good governance and strengthening of civil servants.
  • Good management of public affairs and rationalisation of procedures and practices.
  • Assistance in decentralisation processes and strengthening of regional and municipal authorities.
  • Strengthening of national parliaments.
  • Creation of modern, transparent and participatory administrations.
  • Improvement of management techniques.

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