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Accessible and Efficient Renewable Energy

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Today, a fifth of the world’s population does not have access to modern energy services (electricity or the power grid) and instead use biomass, such as wood, kerosene or waste for cooking and lighting.
“The energy future we want is one in which everyone has access to modern energy services, our energy resources are used more efficiently, and we increasingly invest in renewable sources.” –Sustainable Energy for All.

OIKO LOGICA provides assessment and advice on appropriate, new and efficient renewable energy technology for remote areas through the integration of technologies and efficient energy planning. The use of biomass for heat and power production and the development of sustainable biofuels have also been successful strategies designed by OIKO LOGICA for alternative community energy schemes. 

Ensuring energy security access, efficiency and renewable alternatives for climate change prevention and mitigation. The objective is to expand the access to reliable and modern sources of energy in order to reduce poverty and to improve the health of citizens, while at the same time promote economic growth and mitigate climate change. Ensuring energy security and efficiency and access requires diversification of types and sources of energy, increased focus on rural consumer needs, indigenous energy supplies, energy efficiency and regional interconnections. OIKO LOGICA has implemented, among others, the following projects:

1) Formulation of national support programmes to implement national strategies for renewable energies in Namibia, Lesotho and Seychelles.
2) Improvement of access to sustainable sources of clean, reliable and affordable energy: rural electrification, rural roads infrastructure (rural electricity grids in highlands), energy affordability, reliability and commercial viability of solar and wind power, biomass, cooking stoves and small-scale hydropower dams in Lesotho, Bhutan, Venezuela and Indonesia.
3) Clean Development Mechanism in the framework of a national energy policy and strategy: biomass, wind-power, hydropower, equal access to energy, rural electrification, solar energy, cooking stoves and land, climate friendly energy investments and early warning systems.
4) Developed technological solutions, such as solar water heaters, fuel-switching opportunities analysis and alternative biofuels for off-grid communities in Namibia, Lesotho and Bhutan.


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2013 · SEYCHELLES · Formulation of Nation Program for Climate Change GCCA Funding
2012 · LESOTHO · Support Adaptation Programme to the Risks of Climate Change
2012 · NAMIBIA · Action Fiche and TAPs for the Climate Change Adaptation, including energy
2011 · BHUTAN · Budget Support Program to the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
2008 · AL-DIAGNOS · Impact Assessment, Evaluation & Country Diagnosis

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