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TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO · Technical Assistance to Prepare a Report on the Socio-Economic Baseline in Sugar Related Areas in the Framework of the National Sugar Adaptation Strategy · 2009-2010

oiko foto trinidadtobagosugarThe overall objective of the assignment was to prepare an assessment of the socio-economic impact of the National Sugar Adaptation Strategy in Trinidad and Tobago, in order to improve sector policies that would contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of those groups affected by the sugar sector reform process in SRAs.

The report reviewed the quality of the data collection system, the National Household survey and the statistics employed by the Central Statistical Office, and proposed alternative indicators for monitoring National Sugar Adaptation Strategy for Trinidad and Tobago.

It also evaluated the socio-economic community impacts of the adaptation and diversification strategies implemented during the reform process in former sugar related areas, and proposed an outline of future scenarios for existing socio-economic conditions in SRAs and formulated specific policy recommendations for future actions in this field.



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