oikologica logo "OIKO LOGICA is committed to helping communities and governments in vulnerable countries to prepare, face, integrate, comprehend, assimilate and absorb the challenge of climate change and sustainable development."

We are looking for climate change experts

OIKO LOGICA is looking for experts in the field of climate change, both mitigation and adaptation.

Experts should have advanced university degree (M.Sc., M.A. or Ph.D.), at least 5 years of professional working experience on different areas of climate change; preferably working experience in developing
countries and ideally, good knowledge of international climate change negotiation processes and policies, especially the Kyoto Protocol.

The experts should have good expertise at least in two of the following fields:

  • The Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • Assisting local administration in developing guidelines and programs for integrating climate change into development programs – including measures to avoid maladaptation – based on consultation with all stakeholders
  • Assist institution in ecosystem and biodiversity adaptation to climate change
  • Support local administrations in the preparation and implementation of NAPA related projects
  • Assist the rationalization and the governance of energy facilities
  • Support institutions in the planning and implementation of biomass and other alternatives energies
  • Supporting capacity building in developing country institutions to prepare for and reduce the impact of climate change related disasters
  • Design and establish knowledge GIS data banks to capitalize and disseminate information and provide training for action on climate change
  • Adaptation of agriculture sectors to climate change
  • Water resources assets, efficiency, storage and management
  • Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries (REDD)
  • Experience in developing countries is a plus
  • Excellent command of English and/or French
  • Knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese or other languages would be an added advantage

 Interested candidates, please apply by sending your updated CV in English and in Word format (.doc) by filling out our Job Application Form or the Submit Your CV link.