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Abdelkader Allali

Abdelkader Allali

Team Member

Mr. Allali has an immaculate reputation in Africa, identifying priorities, setting up and developing technology projects in the fields of climate change both adaptation and mitigation, natural resource management and the green economy.

He has worked with more than 30 countries in Africa supporting governments in the preparation and analysis of national environmental policies and strategies in relation to institutional, organizational and regulatory aspects.

Mr. Allali has excellent analytical, appraisal and policy planning skills in Western, Central, Eastern, Northern and Southern African countries, where in the last decade, he developed national plans for the Governments of Lesotho, Togo, Benin, Burkina, Ivory Coast, Morocco, and RDC for the midterm assessment of the EU-Africa MESA program, etc. He is an eloquent speaker and can facilitate dialogue in English, French and Arabic, working at different scales with stakeholders, involving partners for rigorous assessment and validation of technology options.

He is fully conversant with the GCF readiness, UN operational guidelines and the UNFCCC Technology Needs Assessment methodology. He is ready to be fully mobilized to engage with the multiple actors in the development of the technology sector priorities and development of fiches and action plans and deliver dedicated TNA training workshops around the technology needs assessment process. Mr. Allali will provide the know-how to develop the specific tools to understand and correct the weaknesses, challenges and obstacles of critical projects in selected sectors, with a clear understanding of the systematic TNA methodology.

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