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Barry Alpha Boubacar

Barry Alpha Boubacar

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Mr Alpha Boubacar is a D.E.S in Meteorology at the Institute Belge de Programmation, 1989. Among many other works he has participated on many different projects like the following:

Extramural professor in charge of Meteo-Climatology at the Agrozootechnic Institute, IVGE of Faranah.

Extramural professor in charge of meteorology at the University of Conakry.

Contractual lecturer in Wordperfect and Lotus on behalf of CONFORMA.

Responsible and facilitator of computer training courses (Windows, Word, Excell, Access) MARA staff on behalf of NAASPA and DAC.

Administrator of the database and manager of the CLICOM project.

Manager of the computer processing assistance project with the French Cooperation.

Working group for the improvement and translation into French of the INSTAT software.

Animator of INSTAT training courses for ACMAD trainees.

Working group for the development of the climate forecast bulletin at ACMAD.

WMO Commission for Climatology Expert Group.

WMO CLICOM Expert Advisory Group.

Multidisciplinary research group on the West African monsoon.

Manager of the AMMA WP3.2 project on water resources in West Africa.

Lecturer in dynamic meteorology and numerical forecasting at the center university of Nzérékoré.

International Expert Group on Multidisciplinary Analysis of the African Monsoon.

Manager of the AMMA Project on water resources management in West Africa.

Manager of the IRD RIPIECSA project on the relaunch of the Conakry radiosonde station and digitization of historical data.

Professor of General Meteorology at the Center for Environmental Studies and Development (CEED) of Kinkon, Pita.

Administrator of the Gui-MeteoClimat design office and of the website www.gmclimat.org.

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