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Daniel Ifeanyi Nnodu

Daniel Ifeanyi Nnodu

Team member

Mr. Ifeanyi has been selected based on his experience of 10+ years of planning, developing, implementing and supervising similar programs in the climate technology field in Nigeria, both mitigation and adaptation.

Through his work on numerous projects and programs, he has a good knowledge of the methodology of technology needs assessments and technology action plans. He also acquired the capacity building skills necessary for training need assessment officers, organizing and supervising program activities on climate services, as well as developing, facilitating and delivering stakeholder workshops in the country.

Moreover, he has extensive experience in industrial policy development within Nigeria, having been involved in the formulation and implementation of policies, regulations and guidelines on weather and climate services.

He will ensure the integration of the international TNA team into the National Steering Committee with permanent consistent communication with the National Designated Authority to developing, facilitating and delivering the workshops to engage different stakeholders; ensure national validation of the dialogue and the creation of the TNA Mechanisms.

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We use Earth Science technology to improve the quality of life in our world, especially the economic livelihood opportunities of the world's most vulnerable populations and the sustainable use of the natural resources of our planet. Our work is divided in six main program areas- Climate Adaptation, Climate Mitigation, Ecosystems, Natural Resources, Poverty & Livelihoods and Climate Services.

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