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Flaviane T. Kenfack Belval

Flaviane T. Kenfack Belval

Team member

Mrs. Flaviane Belval leds is an expert in climate change adaptation, capacity building and DRR under a changing climate.

She has a minimum of 12 years of experience in the fields of hydro-met-climatic services, Disaster Risk Management, agriculture, Gender and Youth. The Firm actively works to support the development of a sustainable and reliable system for integrated climate change adaptation, risk management and early warning services specific to priorities fields identify in Central Africa Region (DRR, Agriculture, Water, Energy, transport).

With an approach that takes into account (In accordance) the intercultural aspect and uses the New information and communication technology (NICT), her team develops training materials and tools, organize and conduct professional workshop, on-the-job training. This capacity building activities is to strengthen a culture of proactive risk management and create opportunities by using local expertise and resources.

Mrs. Kenfack’s experience covers several countries of the Central Africa region: Cameroon, Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad. She is used to plan, conduct training, workshops, high-level meeting; but also, to support countries and contribute to the elaboration of the national legislation, communication, strategies and action plan on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management.

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