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Stephen Donkor

Stephen Donkor

Team Member

  • PhD in Engineering
  • M.Sc. in Water Management
  • Water Resources Development & Management
  • Transboundary Water Resources Advisor
  • Senior Consultant for the African Water Facility (AfDB) & African Union
    Technical assistance in Soil and Water programmes
  • Team Leader in Sierra Leone National Water and Sanitation Policy (2006)
  • African Regional Policy paper on Interlinkages between SDG 6 and the SDGs under review by HLPF 2019 for UNESCO WWAP
  • Senior Adviser at SIWI on Transboundary Water Resources Management in Africa
  • Contributed to the development of the AMCOW 10-Year Strategy 2018-2028, 2017
  • Experience in Strategy Development and Management
  • Identify and map the landscape of stakeholders that are connected, affected, and may be involved or included at a country-scale in the project
    To coordinate the gender assessments in each region and country, working closely with the Africa Coordination Unit
  • Ensure implementation is conducted

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We use Earth Science technology to improve the quality of life in our world, especially the economic livelihood opportunities of the world's most vulnerable populations and the sustainable use of the natural resources of our planet. Our work is divided in six main program areas- Climate Adaptation, Climate Mitigation, Ecosystems, Natural Resources, Poverty & Livelihoods and Climate Services.

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