Disaster Risk Management in Timor-Leste

Miguel Trillo

Miguel Trillo

The Dili-Ainaro Road Development Corridor project funded by the UNDP aims to strengthen the resilience of communities living in the Dili-Ainaro Road Corridor to climate induced disasters such as floods and landslides and to reduce the risk of damage to road infrastructure.

OIKO has worked to build capacities of government officials to identify and anticipate climate risk and provide the investments for disaster risk management measures using ecosystem-based approaches. We helped the Ministry of Social Solidarity to conduct a risk and vulnerability assessment and the preparation of the community Risk Disaster Management Action Plan.

OIKO engaged in direct consultative dialogue at national level with government partners and stakeholders at Dili, and then conducted a field survey and research among the vulnerable communities (25 sucos). 

Map showing the Sucos considered for the study

Strong wind hazard map for 100-year RP for the study area

Strong wind, drought, flood, landslides, drought, and fire are the most common  hazards

OIKO conducted 25 municipal vulnerability analysis containing environmental, economic and social dimensions, and climate proofing of the infrastructure sector. Though out the exercise, OIKO developed a tool to convey a zonal Climate Vulnerability Index for the municipalities, which helped identify its main vulnerability areas and aspects, including areas with a high risk of flooding and landslide. Based on the results of the Climate Vulnerability Diagnosis we proposed a set of adaptation measures, which include enhancing adaptive capacity, ecosystem-based adaptation measures, and infrastructure measures.

We use Earth Science technology to improve the quality of life in our world, especially the economic livelihood opportunities of the world's most vulnerable populations and the sustainable use of the natural resources of our planet. Our work is divided in six main program areas- Climate Adaptation, Climate Mitigation, Ecosystems, Natural Resources, Poverty & Livelihoods and Climate Services.

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