Reducing Climate Risk from Energy Investment



Enabling access to clean and affordable energy is critical for sustainable development whether it be for nutrition, transport, education or economic opportunity.

Following UNDP´s Derisking Renewable Energy Investment (DREI) framework, OIKO supported the Government of Namibia prioritizing Investment for climate change mitigation. The DREI is an innovative tool to help public officials to prioritize sustainable energy investment.
OIKO assisted the Government of Namibia to identify the barriers and risks which can hold back private sector investment, and then supports policymakers to put in place packages of funds (grants) and targeted public interventions to address climate risks.

The initiative allows private sector organizations, non-state actors, local authorities to respond and address the issues of Climate Change Mitigation, including efficient and renewable energy technology investment.


Project Actions


  • Identified current deficiencies limiting renewable energy promotion;
  • Identified the most vulnerable target groups/beneficiaries and the possible constraints to facilitate access off-grid;
  • Proposed mitigation interventions such as: improving access to clean sustainable sources, reliable and affordable energy, rural electrification, rural roads infrastructure (rural electricity grids in highlands), reliability and commercial viability of solar and wind power, biomass, cooking stoves, small-scale hydropower dams;

We use Earth Science technology to improve the quality of life in our world, especially the economic livelihood opportunities of the world's most vulnerable populations and the sustainable use of the natural resources of our planet. Our work is divided in six main program areas- Climate Adaptation, Climate Mitigation, Ecosystems, Natural Resources, Poverty & Livelihoods and Climate Services.

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