Climate Services

OIKO’s analysis focus on providing timely, appropriate and innovative services through the use of information technologies of the earth and space to improve rational choices to prevent climate impacts. The objective of our work is facilitating access to the scientific information needed to actively manage the potential impacts of the climate. Furthermore, we build capacities in order to prepare and improve the accessibility of the information, modulate the message and present it in a friendly, practicable and feasible format to the users.

In short, make the complex scientific climate information useful and readable, understandable to the end user and available to all actors for rational decision-making on the sustainable management of natural resources, especially to help the population, that is most vulnerable to the impact of weather extremes and climate variability, to manage the risk and make the best use of the opportunities.

Assessed the quality of data collection at the Central Statistical Office to monitor the implementation of the National Sugar Adaptation Strategy for Trinidad and Tobago (T&T NAS) in 2010

Program for greater consistency between natural resources sectors (agriculture, forestry, livestock, and food security) and climate change in Lesotho 2012

We use Earth Science technology to improve the quality of life in our world, especially the economic livelihood opportunities of the world's most vulnerable populations and the sustainable use of the natural resources of our planet. Our work is divided in six main program areas- Climate Adaptation, Climate Mitigation, Ecosystems, Natural Resources, Poverty & Livelihoods and Climate Services.

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